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What to Do When You Don’t Contact a Lead

Leads are automatic connections made between you and a prospective customer when they submit a new project request to HomeAdvisor. In order to send a lead your way, we make sure it’s in your zip code and matches the type of services you offer.

It’s best to call each lead within 15 minutes to increase your chances of connecting with the prospective customer and to have success with leads.

If you do not call a lead within 24 hours, the lead is not eligible for an automatic lead credit. But don’t worry: There’s still a chance to turn the lead into the sale.

There are other ways to make the best of the lead:

  • Follow up with the lead after 24 hours.
    • Although we recommend reaching out to a lead within 15 minutes of receiving the notification, you can still try to contact a lead after 24 hours. Some leads don’t find the right contractors immediately, and that means you could still win the job.
  • Add the prospective customer’s information to your email marketing list.
    • Adding customers to your email list is helpful for them to get more information about your company and it helps them keep your company in mind. If you email them, then they have a higher chance of considering you the next time they need a project done.
  • Include the prospective customer in your next mail send.
    • Similarly to email, getting your name in front of a customer helps them remember you for next time. The more exposure you have to customers, the better. You can also give customers discounts through mail, so they have an incentive to book with you next time.
  • Ask them for feedback on what you could do next time to get hired.
    • Whether this is through an email survey or a link on a piece of mail you send them, ask these customers for their thoughts on what you can do better. It’s important to ask them what you could do to get hired next time. Even though you may not have served these customers directly, it’s still important to get their feedback.

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