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How to Succeed With 3 Different Lead Types

When you’re working with HomeAdvisor, there are three different types of leads you can receive. They vary based on how a homeowner uses HomeAdvisor to find you. Each lead includes the homeowner’s name, contact information, location and project details.

You can choose within your HomeAdvisor account how you’d like to receive your leads, whether that’s through text, email, phone call or app notification.

Here’s a deeper look at the lead types and how to win them.  

#1 | Market Match leads

A Market Match lead happens when a homeowner submits a project request and is matched with nearby service pros. If the project request matches your preferences, you’ll get a new lead notification.

Here’s how to improve your chances of winning the lead:

  • Call within minutes of the notification. The lead might be sent to up to three other pros, so try to be the first person to talk to the homeowner.
  • There are many ways to follow up! Leave a voicemail if someone doesn’t answer and try sending a text and email. If you still don’t hear back, reach out the next day.
  • Collect new reviews. Homeowners are more likely to contact pros with several positive reviews.

#2 | Exact Match leads

When a homeowner chooses to speak with you directly, you’ll get an Exact Match lead. Homeowners decide to connect directly after looking at your profile and reviews.

Here’s how to maximize your success with Exact Match leads:

  • Call as soon as possible. The homeowner has reached out to you directly, but they may still shop around for a different pro.
  • Schedule an appointment. Talk to the homeowner about what they need. After you confirm details, set up an initial appointment.
  • Maintain your HomeAdvisor profile. This is how you set yourself apart from your competition when homeowners use the site.

#3 | Instant Booking leads

Instant Booking appointments occur when a homeowner books an appointment directly on your calendar. You’ll receive a notification and calendar invite when this happens.

Here’s how to increase the frequency of winning Instant Booking leads:

  • Sync your calendar. This makes it easier for homeowners to see when you’re available.
  • Confirm the appointment if you’re still available or reschedule at a time that works for both you and the homeowner. You’ll be charged the lead fee whether or not you take action.
  • Keep your calendar updated for at least 3 weeks out. This decreases the likelihood that you’ll need to reschedule or have double bookings and makes the process easier for the homeowner.

Watch this video to understand how leads work.

Still have more questions about leads? Visit our FAQs page.

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