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How to Manage Lead Flow in a Crisis

If you’ve been in business for a while, chances are you have a good system in place for managing your lead flow. But when disaster strikes, handling leads can get a lot more complicated. Here, we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay on top of your lead flow, no matter the circumstances.

Adjust Your Leads

If a crisis causes your workflow to fluctuate, it’s possible to adjust the volume of leads you receive. You can reduce or increase the number of leads by adjusting your service offerings, ZIP code coverage and spend target. Quickly change these settings in your account or call Customer Care at (877) 947-3639 for help.

Get more leads by:

  • Increasing your service offerings
  • Widening your ZIP code coverage
  • Upping your spend target

Get fewer leads by:

  • Reducing your service offerings
  • Narrowing your ZIP code coverage
  • Lowering your spend target

Tip: Turning your profile to “busy” reduces the tasks and ZIP code coverage that you offer. This will present fewer options than a standard profile.

Track Your Spend

If you find your spend target isn’t meeting the your current business needs, then it’s a good idea to start tracking (and possibly adjusting) your spend target. This target is not a hard cap, but an estimated monthly spending goal.

Increase your spend by:

  • Increasing your spend target
  • Accepting more Instant Booking and Opportunity* leads, which are charged outside of spend targets

Decrease your spend by:

  • Lowering your spend target
  • No longer accepting Instant Booking and Opportunity leads
  • Switching your profile to “busy”
  • Pausing your leads

*Opportunity leads are not guaranteed jobs. Switching your profile to “busy” does not affect the opportunities that you receive. You only pay when you accept the connection.

Pause and Un-Pause Leads

If a crisis makes it so that your company can no longer accept new work, it is possible to pause leads for the time being.

You can pause your leads by:

  • Calling Customer Care
  • Using the pro app
  • Using the pro site

Note: If you pause your leads using the pro app, they will only stay paused for 48 hours.

Check out our Help Center article on managing your lead flow for more information.

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