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How to Control Your Lead Flow

It’s important to confirm that your zip code coverage area and the services you offer are listed correctly in the app. Confirm that your coverage area includes zip codes you want to work in. And make sure you’re set up to receive leads for the services you offer. Be sure to also check your spend target on desktop to know how much you will be spending on leads.

Zip Codes and Services Offered

You can control how many leads you get by adjusting your zip code coverage area, modifying the services you offer and changing your spend target. When you add zip codes, or have a larger zip code area, you will receive more leads. Zip code coverage is also a good way to set boundaries if you don’t want to drive past a certain distance from where you live. When you add more services offered, you will receive more leads. Just be sure to only add services that you offer because you don’t want leads that you can’t do. If you prefer one type of task over another, you can add just that task to try and get most of your leads to be within that task. However, this will likely cause you to receive less leads overall since you limited your profile.

Spend Target

Your spend target is an estimated 28-day period dollar amount that you would like Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) to try to meet when sending you leads. The spend target is not a hard cap, but rather an estimated goal of monthly spend. Instant Booking leads, Instant Connect leads and all opportunity types are charged outside of your spend target. It is possible to exceed your spend target since some lead types are charged outside of it.

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