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General Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) work?
    • First we find homeowners looking for help completing home projects and collect information about their project. Our patented ProFinder technology then identifies relevant professionals, taking into account our pros’ availability, service type and location preferences. When we have a match, we send the homeowner’s information to the matched pro(s) instantly so that he/she/they can contact the consumer to try and win the job.
  • Do I only pay for the jobs I win?
    • No, Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) does not provide or guarantee jobs. You will be charged for each lead you receive, whether or not you ultimately win the job, and regardless of whether the customer hires any pro to complete the job.
  • What is a spend target?
    • Your spend target is an estimated monthly amount that you would like Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) to try to meet when sending you leads. The spend target is not a cap, but rather an estimated goal of monthly lead spend. Your spend target will reset based on a 28 day cycle that starts on your date of approval. Additionally, your spend target may be exceeded in the normal course of events for multiple reasons, including by a lead or two because our matching algorithm will send a lead up until the precise point your spend target is exceeded (i.e. if your spend target is $500, and you are currently at $480, you may still receive at Lead valued at $40, at which point you would not receive any more leads as you would have exceeded $500). We also may allow you to exceed part of your spend target by 3x, because customers are calling specifically for you and we do not want to turn them away, or for you to lose these highly targeted leads. Please review your invoices regularly to ensure that you are satisfied with your spend target as set.
  • Do all leads count towards my spend target?
    • No, Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) offers several types of highly targeted leads that do not count towards your spend target. These include Instant Booking, Instant Connect, and Job Opportunity leads.
  • Are Instant Booking, Instant Connect, Exact Match and Job Opportunity leads calculated the same as Market Match (ProFinder) leads?
    • No; due to the fact that a consumer is seeking specifically to contact you, these leads are 1.5x as much as Market Match (ProFinder) leads. For the same reason, Exact Match leads are also 1.5x as Market Match (ProFinder) leads.
  • Are Instant Booking, Instant Connect, Exact Match, and Job Opportunity leads exclusive leads?
    • No; a consumer may elect to reach more than one pro via any of these methods, however, they will have specifically asked to connect with you if you are matched through these types of leads.
  • How much control do I have over the leads I receive?
    • You can define your service and zip code preferences to ensure you only receive the types of requests you want. Additionally, you can modify your spend target any time. If you modify your spend target mid-cycle, it will be prorated based on the increased or decreased amount (i.e. If you reduce your spend target from $1000 to $500 on day 14 out of the 28 day cycle, regardless of what you have spent to date the remainder of the period would have a spend target of (14/28) * $500 = $250. So, if you had spent $400 to date, you could still spend an additional $250 for the remainder of the period). You can also specify “busy” profiles that further narrow your preferences when you’re busy but still want to keep an active project pipeline. Sign up today to learn more!
  • Do you offer any tools to manage my leads?
    • Yes. We offer a robust, user-friendly system that lets you categorize and organize your leads, keep track of communications, and connect with prospects via phone or email with the touch of a button. Our mobile app also lets you take these tools on the road to help you stay on top of your pipeline. And best of all, these tools are all free for our customers.
  • How much do leads cost?
    • The price of our service requests varies by the type of request and the location of the request. Once enrolled, you can see the current price of leads for the tasks and areas for which you are profiled by logging into your HomeAdvisor Pro account.
  • How do homeowners find my business using Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro)?
    • In order to quickly find the best local service professionals, homeowners submit a brief description of their service needs by answering questions about their project scope, materials, timeline etc. HomeAdvisor then uses the project details to connect customers with up to 4 service professionals to help complete their project.
  • How will Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) generate the right customers for my business?
    • While you’re on the job, Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) is working to find qualified customers for you. We use the zip codes and tasks that you set to send you matching leads. Homeowners find Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) online, and get matched to pros like you.

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