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It’s Important to Call Quickly, Here’s Why

Homeowners expect pros to call quickly. Calling every homeowner within 15 minutes doubles your chances of connecting. Waiting to reach out to a homeowner reduces your chances of contacting the homeowner first, reducing your chances to close jobs.

Here are some tips to be successful when contacting homeowners:

Tip #1:
Call within 15 minutes.

Why? It doubles your chances of connecting with the homeowner.

Tip #2:
Follow up in multiple ways. If you don’t connect on the first try, leave a voicemail, send an email or text, and call at different times until you reach the homeowner.

Why? A follow-up email between calls increases contact rate by 16%. 

Tip #3:
Call at least twice in the first two days.

Why? A second call increases your chances of connecting by 87%.

Tip #4:
Make sure to respond quickly if a homeowner contacts you back.

Why? 50% of sales go to the first pro to contact the homeowner.

Tip #5:
Download the app and turn on all notifications. You can receive notifications through app notifications, texts, emails or phone calls. Choose what works best for you but make sure you have your notifications on.

Why? It’s a fast and easy way to contact a homeowner as soon as the lead comes in.

Remember to always follow up quickly and professionally to improve your chances of connecting with the homeowner and winning the job. Still having trouble contacting homeowners? Need help with your leads? Check out how leads work.

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