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How HomeAdvisor Works

Homeowners come to HomeAdvisor to research their projects and connect with pre-screened home service pros.

When a homeowner connects with your business through HomeAdvisor, we’ll send you their project details so you can follow up and try to win the job. We call these leads and opportunities.

Leads & Opportunities

HomeAdvisor Leads
– Automatic Connections

When the homeowner’s project matches your offerings and availability (or they contact you from the directory), you’ll automatically receive the project details as a new lead.

You’ll be charged for each new lead as soon as it’s sent.

Leads are not guaranteed jobs. Follow up quickly to improve your chance of winning the job.

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HomeAdvisor Opportunities
– Connections You Accept or Decline

Opportunities allow you to take on extra projects in addition to your auto-accepted leads. A homeowner may invite you to connect, or you can reach out to them first. When you receive an opportunity, you’ll have the chance to review project details to accept or decline.

You’re only charged if you accept the opportunity.

Opportunities are not guaranteed jobs. Follow up quickly to improve your chances of winning the job.

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Top Tips to Get Hired

You have leads and opportunities coming in. So now what? Here’s what our top service pros do to improve their chances of winning each job.

  1. Download the HomeAdvisor Pro mobile app
    The app is a fast and easy way to manage your account and respond to homeowners on the go.
  • Instantly call or message homeowners
  • Manage leads and opportunities
  • Request reviews

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  1. Call every homeowner within 15 minutes
    Pros who call within 15 minutes are 2x more likely to connect with the homeowner.
  • The longer you wait, the more likely the homeowner is to hire someone else.
  • If they don’t answer right away, leave a voicemail and try following up with a text or email.
  • Try to call at least twice in the first 2 days.

The HomeAdvisor system works best for pros who are persistent.

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  1. Request reviews
    Pros with 3+ reviews receive 3x more customer contacts.
  • Request reviews from past customers with the homeowner’s name and contact information.
  • Request reviews from every new HomeAdvisor customer, directly from your account.

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  1. Manage your lead flow & revenue
    The most successful HomeAdvisor pros actively adjust their lead settings based on which projects drive the biggest profits.

Here are a few ways to manage your lead flow:

  1. Confirm your Zip Code coverage and services offered
    Review your coverage area and ensure you’re set up to receive leads for the types of projects you service.
  2. Pause and un-pause your leads
    You can tell us you don’t want to receive leads for up to 48 hours at a time.
  3. Review your spend target
    Your spend target is an estimated dollar amount that you would like HomeAdvisor to meet when sending you leads.
  4. Track revenue & profits
    Use your lead management tools to understand which projects and zip codes drive the most profit for your business. You can modify your account to receive more leads in those categories and areas.

Manage My Lead Flow

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