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What’s Included With Your HomeAdvisor Membership

#1 | Online Business Profile

It’s important to have a robust profile that makes a good impression and sets your business apart from the competition. You can view and edit your online business profile by visiting pro.homeadvisor.com/profile/

Here’s a look at what homeowners’ search for when they’re looking up your company:

  • Up-to-date business information, including contact info, physical address and website.
  • Services offered, like the areas you specialize in.
  • Your service area, including where you’re willing to travel to.
  • Licensing, certifications and insurance you have.
  • High quality project photos that showcase your best work.
  • Badges and awards from HomeAdvisor, ranging from annual milestones to Best of HomeAdvisor.

Learn more about how to create a great online business profile here.

#2 | HomeAdvisor Directory Listing

Homeowners use the HomeAdvisor Pro Directory to find quality pros based on project category and zip code. As a member, your information is listed in the directory. It also helps your business appear on major search platforms like Google and Bing.

You can view your HomeAdvisor directory listing by visiting homeadvisor.com/c.html

#3 | Verified Ratings and Reviews

Reviews are important because they build trust with homeowners. You should request reviews from past customers as well as new customers on a regular basis.

Read more about how to request and respond to reviews here.

#4 | HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval

The HomeAdvisor Seal of Approval shows homeowners that you’ve passed our screening process. This helps build trust between you and prospective customers. You can display the Seal of Approval on your website, invoices, emails or social media.

Download your Seal of Approval at pro.homeadvisor.com/articles/badges/

#5 | Access to the HomeAdvisor Pro Mobile App

The app is a quick and simple way to manage your account and respond to homeowners while you’re on the go. Inside the app, you can:

  • Instantly call or email homeowners.
  • Manage your leads.
  • Respond to opportunities.
  • Request and respond to reviews.
  • Update your notification preferences.
  • Manage your calendar.
  • Access your billing details.
  • Update your account settings.

#6 | Member Discounts

When you join HomeAdvisor, you’ll have access to discounts on many sites in categories like Insurance, Supplies, Business Services, Marketing and Other. You can view all discounts at pro.homeadvisor.com/r/member-discounts/

#7 | Industry Trends & Helpful Tips

As a HomeAdvisor pro, you’ll regularly receive email updates that give you product updates, informative articles, new offers and industry trends.

View these tips whenever you need at pro.homeadvisor.com/r/

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