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Don’t Miss Out on These HomeAdvisor Benefits

Being a HomeAdvisor pro comes with lots of advantages, not all of which are widely known. In addition to connecting with new customers and building your online reputation — you also get preferred pricing on job materials, office supplies, and more. Plus you get extra tools to help you win more jobs and learn from other great pros like you!

Here are five HomeAdvisor membership benefits:

Exclusive Member Discounts:

HomeAdvisor Pro members can take advantage of discounts from many different companies. Discounts include office supplies, insurance, marketing materials, shipping services and more!

Job Opportunities:

We received feedback from pros wanting more control over leads, and we listened. As a result, we’re now offering Job Opportunities — a way to expand your reach and win more jobs. With Job Opportunities, you can review the task, location and description of homeowner projects and choose to pursue the jobs you want. The best part? You’re only charged when both you and the homeowner choose to connect!

Busy Coverage:

Too busy to take on certain types of work? Turn your profile to Busy. An alternative to turning off your leads, a Busy Profile offers fewer tasks and zip code options than a standard profile, allowing you to choose the types of leads you do and don’t want to receive right now.

Ratings and Reviews Widget:

Ratings and reviews are proven to win jobs. In fact, we’ve found that pros with three or more reviews are three times more likely to win jobs than pros with fewer! Embedding the HomeAdvisor Review Widget on your business website allows you to showcase your ratings and reviews directly on your own homepage. And, it updates in real time, so homeowners will always see the most up-to-date commendations from previous customers.

Expert Advice and Resources:

HomeAdvisor’s Pro Resource Center houses expert business and marketing advice, success stories and articles on the latest industry trends. Learn from other pro members what they’ve done to achieve success using HomeAdvisor, and get the tools you need to win jobs and effectively grow and manage your business. Plus, be sure to subscribe to our pro newsletter for monthly tips and helpful business insights!

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