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Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

As a member with HomeAdvisor, you have access to resources, leads and marketing tools that help set your business apart from your competition. Here’s a look at FAQs related to your HomeAdvisor Membership.

What do I get with my membership?

A membership with HomeAdvisor gives you access to tools and resources that help you set your business apart They include:

  • Your online business profile made visible to homeowners seeking pros in your area.  
    • This information includes your service areas, where you’re willing to travel to, as well as services you offer and any areas of specialization.
  • Verified ratings and reviews that help build trust between you and the homeowner.
  • Badges and awards from HomeAdvisor, including our official Seal of Approval.
  • Access to the HomeAdvisor Pro Mobile App.
  • Discounts at various major companies and organizations.
  • Industry trends and helpful tips to help your business success.
  • Targeted leads.
    • This includes Exact Match leads, where a homeowner can choose to speak with you directly based on your profile and reviews.

Learn more about your HomeAdvisor membership here.

What other websites am I listed on?

HomeAdvisor uses many tools to make sure our members are presented to homeowners doing a search for help with their project needs. Your business profile will be listed on  This Old House, Realtor.com, Improvenet, and Improvement.com,. Through HomeAdvisor your business can also be searched by homeowners on Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Bing and any other affiliate sources.

Homeowners can also find you on Angie’s List.

Will I receive leads from other sites?

Yes, this membership lists you on Angie’s List in addition to HomeAdvisor. If you receive a lead from Angie’s List, you will be notified of it in the lead details. Double-checking which site the lead comes from ensures you’ll be prepared to talk to homeowners who may expect you from HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List.

How long does my membership last?

Memberships are annual. While you can cancel your account at any time, the membership itself is still active the length of the paid term.

Does my membership auto-renew?

Yes, your membership auto-renews unless otherwise stated.

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