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How to Request Homeowner Reviews

*Angi Leads is formerly HomeAdvisor Pro

There are a couple different ways to request reviews from homeowners:

  1. Request reviews from past customers
    Simply provide the customer’s email address and mobile number within the app (link to app) and we will verify the project.
  2. Request reviews from Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) customers
    Simply click “request review” within your Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) account from a recent job and we will request a review from that customer.
  3. Use your personalized review link
    Copy and paste your personalized review link onto invoices, business cards, emails and social media profiles to make it easy for customers to leave you a review.

Remember, the more reviews you have, the more customer contacts you’ll receive, here’s how to be successful with reviews.

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