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How to Edit Your Profile

*Angi Leads is formerly HomeAdvisor Pro

You can edit your profile straight from the pro app under the settings tab. Be sure to fill in each part of your profile. A robust profile helps you make a good impression and sets your business apart from the competition. The more information you provide the better.

Business Profile Features:

Here’s what homeowners look for when researching your company.

  • Current business information
    Include accurate contact information, address, and website.
  • Service Area
    List the areas your business travels to.
  • Services Offered
    What projects do you offer and specialize in? List your work categories to help the homeowner decide if you can help with their project.
  • Licensing, Certifications & Insurance
    Show homeowners that you have the credentials to complete their project with the utmost quality.
  • Project Photos
    Let your work speak for itself by uploading albums of previous projects directly to your profile.
  • Badges and Awards
    You’ll earn badges for everything from annual milestones to reviews. Display them to show homeowners that you’re the best pro for the job.

Make sure to continuously update your profile. Pros with a robust profile receive 60% more customer contacts. Use these top tips to update your profile.

Have more questions about your profile? Visit our FAQs page.

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