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5 Steps to Creating a Complete Angi Leads Profile

Creating a robust Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) profile can help you win leads, earn customer trust and share important information. And in times of crisis, having a complete profile is more helpful than ever — allowing you to keep winning jobs and communicating with customers even in the most trying situations. Take these five steps to create a complete profile now, so it’s ready to go in case disaster strikes.

#1 | Be easy to find

In times of crisis, your customers will need to find your business information and contact channels quickly. Be sure that your business hours, website links and contact information are all easy to find on your Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) profile. This way, potential and current clients can learn more about your company without having to dig for more information.

#2 | Share your credentials

It’s a good idea to list your certificates and licensing on your Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) profile, as well as any awards or accolades that set you apart from other businesses, so homeowners can see that you’re qualified for the job. This is also a great place to share any disaster preparedness training you have, like working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a federal contractor.

Tip: If you’ve ever won an award or badge from Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro), make sure to display it proudly on your profile. 

#3 | Build up ratings and reviews

During and after a crisis, it’s common for consumers to feel elevated in their level of concern, care, scrutiny and criticism – particularly as it pertains to their homes. As a home services business, you can help to alleviate their concerns by having a robust rating and reviews section on your profile. This can show homeowners that your business is trustworthy – and in times of turmoil, trust is crucial.

Take time now to reach out to past customers and request reviews using your personalized review link. Thank past clients for their feedback, and if you happen to receive criticism, be sure to address it with professionalism and understanding.

#4 | Tell your story

Fill in the Business Description and About You sections of your profile with care — this is your chance to talk about yourself and your business, and to show homeowners why your company stands apart from the rest. Consider including the history of your company, the number of jobs you’ve completed, whether or not you’re a family-owned company, and other relevant information.

Tip: Take advantage of the chance to share your Community Involvement and any Green Certifications that you may have. As homeowners grow more socially conscious, these sections can set you apart from the competition.

#5 | Show your work

Add photos to your profile to show your past work and give potential clients an idea of what you’re capable of. This helps homeowners to visualize how your work will look in their own space and can even help them to make design decisions.

Photo tips:

  • Use high-quality, well-lit images
  • Post before-and-after photos
  • Show a range of several projects
  • If you offer multiple services, include several kinds of projects

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