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Disaster Preparedness

How to Ensure Employee Safety During a Tornado

If a tornado warning is issued near you, there are steps you can take to stay informed and keep your employees safe during the event. 

Seek shelter.

If you’re at work, let your employees know there’s a tornado warning. Then find an underground area to take refuge in, like a basement or a storm cellar.

  • Don’t wait until you see a tornado to seek shelter. 
  • If there’s no place to shelter underground, find a small interior room or hallway on the lowest floor. 
  • Keep away from windows, outside walls and doors.
  • Remain in the center of the room, as the corners attract debris. 
  • Try to find a room with reinforced concrete, brick or block, and a heavy concrete floor or roof system overhead.
  • Try to stay away from auditoriums, cafeterias and gymnasiums, as they have flat, wide-span roofs. 
  • If you or your employees live or work in a mobile home, the Red Cross recommends you leave the mobile home and get to a nearby shelter. 
  • If you or your employees are on a job or caught outside when a tornado touches down, find shelter in a nearby basement or sturdy building. If there isn’t one within walking distance and it’s possible to do so, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) suggests driving to the nearest safe shelter. 
  • If you encounter flying debris while in your vehicle, OSHA recommends you either: 
    • Stay in your vehicle with your seat belt on, lower your head and cover it with your hands or a blanket.
    • Leave your car if you see an area lower than the roadway. Lie down and cover your head with your hands. 

Stay informed.

As the storm subsides, continue to listen to local broadcasts for important updates you can share with your team.

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