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Disaster Preparedness

How to Ensure Employee Safety During a Major Storm

If a major storm watch or warning is issued near you, here’s what you can do to stay informed and keep your employees safe.  

Let your team know as soon as you do. 

  • Know the signs of a major storm or severe weather event near you. When a watch or warning is issued, let your team know. 
  • If necessary, go over emergency procedures with them. 
  • Even if it’s just a bad thunderstorm with lightning present, the Red Cross recommends listening to local broadcasts to stay up-to-date on what’s happening. 

React appropriately. 

In a major storm, you may face situations you’ve never encountered before. 

  • Be ready to adapt, and have your emergency plan ready.
    • If a lightning strike causes a fire, you may need to quickly evacuate. Hail can cause severe damage to company and employee vehicles. Power can fail for days, and roads, homes and businesses can experience severe flooding. 
  • Stay safe. Depending on the type of storm, you may need to shelter in place, evacuate or move to higher ground. 
  • While you can’t prepare for every obstacle that may come your way, you can react appropriately for the situation based on the emergency plan you’ve developed ahead of time.

Stay informed.

As the storm passes, tune into local broadcasts to stay up-to-date on additional severe weather threats.

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