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Angi Homeowner Perks

Angi offers homeowners a variety of discounts when they use our service and pay for their projects through the app. As a pro, you will still be paid in full up-front when you accept payment through Angi Pay.

Homeowners can have membership discounts, use promotional codes or get a discount when they refer another homeowner to use our product. You can let homeowners know about these discounts and encourage them to use them when using in-app payments. Remember, we will not be taking the discount the homeowner uses out of your final payment, you will still get the full amount without any additional fees applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I still be paid in full when a homeowner uses a promo code?
    • Absolutely! This coupon was created in an effort to bring awareness to the new Angi App, it will not affect your payment.
  • Do I have to offer all customers I found through HomeAdvisor or Angi a discount?
    • No, this discount is only available to customers paying you through the Mobile Payment feature in the Angi app. If a customer is paying you for your work directly you are not required to provide this discount.
  • My customer is saying there’s some discount and I don’t know what they mean – what is that?
    • We are currently running a TV ad offering customers a $20 discount on any service which they pay for through the Angi App. If they would like to pay you for your services via the Angi Mobile Payment feature you can let them know that applying their code at checkout will give them a discount. This discount will not affect the payment you receive. You are not required to provide customers with this discount, just tell them to keep their eyes peeled for our TV ad.
  • Do I need the Angi App to get paid? 
    • Angi and HomeAdvisor are affiliate companies. This means that when a customer pays you on the Angi app you will receive it in your Angi Pay account. You can request payment as usual, through your Angi Leads App, also known as, Angi Pay. The Homeowner will be prompted to pay by Angi through the Angi App.

*HomeAdvisor Pay is now Angi Pay

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